Wedding of Daniel Grayson and Amanda Clarke
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South Hampton, Grayson's Manor


August 8th 2013


Fear (flash-forward)

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This wedding took place on August 8th. Charlotte was the Maid of Honor and Conrad was the Best man. Before it started Lydia left as Aiden told her to do that in order to get the beach house. But Daniel could just think about Sara. Then at the reception he began drinking to deal with the marriage. Nolan texted Patrick that he knew what he had done in order to take him out of the wedding. It was planned that the yacht would just take the Grayson family, but Conrad invited Lydia. Amanda showed everybody a presentation with photos from the three years that she has spend with the family. She drop her drink on Victoria to lure her away from the rest of the family, and Aiden could trap her but Lydia appeared and showed her the photo from the 2002 Grayson New Year's Bash where Amanda was. Meanwhile Daniel received the news that Sara tried to kill herself. Victoria went to the deck of the yacht and saw Amanda getting ready for her final step. Emily revealed to Victoria that she faked the pregnancy to tie Daniel up. Suddenly Aiden took her away and Daniel came in saying that he had heard everything and shot the woman that lied to him from the day they met. Aiden went to the beach where he found Jack and they found Amanda's dress, with two gunshots.