Wedding of Conrad and Victoria
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South Hampton, New York, USA


Summer 2012



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This is Conrad and Victoria Graysons second wedding. Emily went with Aiden, Daniel with Ashley and Nolan went with Padma. Victoria wore a blue necklace that Charlotte let her borrow (borrowed and blue) and a grey Vera Wang trumpet dress. Conrad gave Victoria a gun as a wedding present so she could protect herself. During his dance with her son Victoria gave him the idea of taking the place of his father. Then Daniel took Emily to dance and Aiden took Ashley. Daniel began to regret his break-up with Emily but before he could say something police arrived to arrest Conrad for Gordon Murphy's murder, after Emily left evidences incriminating Conrad. Nolan discovered that Padma had screwed up by asking in Grayson Global for David Clarke's contract and he asked for her help to save Nolcorp. Conrad thought that it was Victoria's fault for his arrest but she denied it. Then Conrad received Helen's visit and he joined the Americon Initiative.