Victoria and Marion
General Information
First Met: When Victoria was born
Status: Hate each other
Relation: Mother and daughter

Victoria and Marion seem to share a relationship that is rooted in hatred.

Marion Harper always felt threatened by her daughter's youth and beauty and never let the poor girl forget it. Sadly for Victoria, Marion's fears came true. All of Marion's beaus seemed to only have eyes for Victoria instead of her. This caused Marion to resent her daughter and eventually throw her out of the house.

Because of her mother's abuse, Victoria became the ruthless manipulator she is. It also filled the Queen of the Hamptons with a desire to avenge any (perceived) wrongs done to her.

When she found out that her stepfather Maxwell had died leaving her mother penniless, once again Victoria finally saw an opportunity to settle the score. Victoria paid  actor Ben Greevey to sweep Marion off her feet and blind her with his 'wealth'. After some time, Ben claimed he wanted to meet Marion's family, so they showed up at the Graysons' doorstep for Thanksgiving.

During the dinner, Victoria exposed her mother for the gold-digging harpy she really was, causing Ben to abandon Marion. Desperate with nowhere left to go, Marion begged her daughter for a place to stay. Victoria, indifferent to her mother's plight, threw her to the curb as Marion had done with Victoria 30 years prior.

Season 4Edit

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