Victoria and Lydia
Victoria Lydia
General Information
First Met: Pre-Pilot
Status: Enemies
Relation: Former Friendship/Enemy/Lydia had an affair with Conrad

Victoria and Lydia were once best friends. Their relationship was ruined after Victoria discovered the affair between Lydia and her husband, Conrad. Lydia then helped Victoria take down Conrad, act that lead to her fake death. When she returned to the Hamptons they seem to be friends again but that ended soon when they fought for the Grayson Manor.


Season 1Edit

Victoria Lydia 101

Victoria conforts Lydia

In "Pilot" Victoria discovered that Lydia was having an affair with Conrad. After that, she banished her from the party and said in public that she was selling the house. As her final act, Victoria gave Lydia back the painting that she and Michael gave her, and had became a symbol of her friendship, implying that her friendship had finished.

Season 3Edit

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  • They both were the only survivors of the bomb in the plane from Reckoning, and they both were thought to be dead.

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