Victoria and David
Victoria and David
General Information
First Met: Pre-Pilot
Intimacy Level: Ex-lovers
Status: Enemies, David killed Victoria; partly as revenge/justice for what she did to him, and his daughter, and for what she put him, his family and his friends through, and mainly to save Amanda's soul
Relation: Romantic

Victoria meets the widower and new neighbor David as she and Conrad host Grayson’s 1991 New Year's grand party. The affair soon begins that will culminate in daughter Charlotte.

Victoria's mother Marion Harper imprinted on her the need to rise above a mediocre social status. Most of the men she sought out brought her some social or monetary benefit, except David Clarke. This perhaps explains why she was eventually blackmailed by Conrad into framing David for the Flight 197 disaster. This choice comes at a heavy price for Victoria, and she is haunted by the consequences of her actions throughout the series.

Whilst being deeply flawed, a mother's love redeems Victoria's character. However, much of her worth and purpose is tied to men, and as a result, she often ignores and neglects her children in order to achieve her aims- some of which she believes are in their best interests.

Victoria would describe herself as a victim since childhood of other people's manipulative schemes, and would feel justified in protecting her entitlements without reservation.

Despite how Victoria wishes to bury what she calls "the shadows", her love child with David Clarke, Charlotte, wil forever bind her to the choice she made in betraying her lover.

Season 4Edit

When David is revealed to be alive and he returns to the Hamptons his knowledge of Victoria’s betrayal is incomplete and he is unaware of his daughter Amanda's continued existence for several weeks. When he finally learns the truth about Amanda and that Victoria lied to him about it he begins plotting her death. Victoria eventually confeses to David that she betrayed him and begs for forgiveness but is interrupted by the sound of gunshots at Grayson Manor (Amanda Clarke's residence).

Victoria learns of David's murder attempts and tells him it's time they go their separate ways so that she can mourn her son's death and so that he and his daughter can have the life together that they deserve. This officialy ends their relationship.

In "Retaliation",

In "Two Graves", David kills Victoria partly as revenge/justice; for what she did to him and his daughter Amanda, and for what she put him, his family and his friends through, and mainly to save Amanda's soul, despite the fact that David murdered Victoria, he avoids prison time, due to his terminal diagnosis.

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