Victoria and Conrad
Victoria Conrad
General Information
Nickname(s): ConVict
First Met: Around 1984-1985
Intimacy Level: Married / Divorced / Sexual
Dating History: Met and married prior to series
Divorced in Chaos
Married again in Illusion
Divorced again in Payback
Status: Divorced
Relation: Romantic

Victoria and Conrad Grayson are former husband and wife. They married for the first time because Conrad tought that Victoria was pregnant. During their first marriage they had Daniel and Charlotte but Conrad didn't know that the baby was David's. They divorced when Victoria discovered his infidelity, married again to protect each other and divorced again.


Season 1Edit

Victoria Conrad 101

Conrad and Victoria arguing after she discovered the affair

In "Pilot" Victoria discovered that Conrad was having an affair with her best friend, Lydia. Then Victoria banished Lydia from the Hamptons.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit


  • Victoria (to Conrad) Good-bye Conrad, do rot in hell. ("Impetus")
  • Victoria: (to Conrad) Then I guess I'll see you in hell. ("Reckoning")
  • Conrad: (to Victoria) Will you do the honor of becoming my wife? Legally bounded so we may never compelled to testify against each other before court. ("Forgiveness")
  • Conrad: (to Victoria) I know we come to this point due to extenuating circumstances but the fact is... here we are. And I feel that we're destined to be together no matter what the outcome. ("Illusion")
  • Conrad: (to Victoria) I'm sorry, Victoria. ("Penance")
  • Conrad: (to Daniel about his relationship with Victoria) [...] But the thing that's kept the fire alive all these years is that we know how to fight, but not surrender. ("Mercy")

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