Victoria & Conrad's 25th wedding anniversary
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Grayson Manor


July 19 2011



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Conrad and Victoria hosted an anniversary party in their manor. Emily, Charlotte, Daniel, Tyler, Declan and Ashley were all invited along with Victoria and Conrad, although Tyler did not show up. They make a toast to "Wiiliam and Kate" (meaning Emily and Daniel), when Emily replies that they are hardly royalty, Conrad agrees saying "Duke of Cainbridge wouldn't be could dead workin at a dive bar" (The Stowaway). This hurts Declan's feelings and he takes it out on Emily suggesting that she had hurt Jack when she had rejected him. Daniel then leaves, along with Emily and Ashley, while Declan talks about how even though the Grayson's are richer, they aren't any better than the Porters. He then leaves and Charlotte says "Congratulations mum, and happy anniversary", and leaves the couple alone at the table.