Season 2 is almost upon us!

Here are some of my predictions based on Season 1 happenings, feel free to comment below with yours! ;)

  1. Emily will search for her mother and follow a new revenge path to try and correct her season one failure.
  2. We'll find out if Charlotte is dead or not (I don't really think she is...)
  3. Conrad will continue to fight dirty.
  4. Daniel will start to become more and more like his father. He will probably start dating Ashley, get engaged to her, get her pregnant, marry her, or any combination of these including all four.
  5. Jack will find out that he is NOT the baby's father! He will also find out that Emily really is Amanda Clarke and that he really loves her.
  6. Nolan will stick by Emily's side as always and continue to help her.
  7. We may find out that Victoria is (~gasp~) not dead? It all seems a little too convenient to me, I think I might sense a faked death plot twist coming on...
Season 2 poster

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