I hope there will be a season two. It would suck if this doesn't because it seems like everybody is hating on all the shows that I like. First the Playboy club on NBC, which I liked for the story and not the half naked women, then the Charlie's Angel's reboot.

What's next? Oh that's Pan Am another show I like on ABC. That's getting cancelled and their putting on a show about christian bitches or something not quite sure. Stupid!!!

Oh and NBC is moving Harry's law to Sunday for the spring. WTF!!! It belongs right before Law and Order:SVU!! (yes I DVR this show and watch the other. No shame in it. I just love Benson. Too bad Stabler's no long on...)

As long as my other shows aren't cancelled i'll be happy.


Thenchick 06:58, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

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