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  • Revengefan101

    Emily's shooting

    February 4, 2014 by Revengefan101

    Hey everyone,

    As we all know Emily was shot by Daniel and her plan ultimately failed, but i think that her original plan to frame Victoria for her murder is weak and not very good or thought out. As Emily once said to Aiden that the punishment she came to the Hamptons to give had nothing to do with prision, so why is trying to send Victoria to prison? If maybe her plan had more purpose and ramifacations it would be a better, like for example:

    If framing Victoria resulted in the whole consiracy being blow and all the co-consirators were exposed and destroyed and David's name was cleared then it would be a more fitting "end" even though Emily's plan would fail when Daniel actually shot her it would have been a good goal that she could've been …

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  • Revengefan101

    Emily's Blackouts?

    January 20, 2014 by Revengefan101

    Hey Guys, 

    In the episode "Hatred " we see Emily swimming in the Grayson's pool after finding out about Aiden and Niko then she blacks out and awakes at Nolans house with Aiden, then later on we see Emily black out again but this time wakes up in Conrad's bed and he tells her she was wonderful the previous night! Did they sleep together? I think it's very likely but I don't really like this black out direction right now but maybe it will grow on me i dont know just yet. 

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