Ok, Revengers i wanna know who is your favorite couple? is it Emily & Daniel, Emily and Aiden?? tell me witch couple you love. Here are reasons to why they shouldor shouldnt be together pick. Emily and Daniel, 
  • 1) Daniel cares about here/feelings
  •  2) He has a kind heart 
  •  3) Daniel is a honest person. 
Three reason to pick Emily and Aiden
  •  1) He loves her. 
  • 2) They want the same thing in life ( revenge).
  •  3) He will do anything for her.
 Reasons why Emily & Daniel shouldnt get together. 
  • 1) Shot her.
  • 2) Cheated on her.
  • 3) Mad at her for keeping her past a secret. 
Reasons why Emily & Aiden shouldnt get together
  • 1) Aiden killed one of the people Emily cared about. 
  • 2) Purpose to her when somebody was engaged to her. 
  • 3) Kissed her on her wedding day. 
So choose your couple and comment it in my wall, Thanks Revengers.

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