Now in Revene we have another marriage without love. Emily and Daniel hate eachother, however Emily is lying to complete her revenge, and something tells me that Daniel is going to fall with his parents. But Emily has a surprise for the Grayson heir; Sara's mother will appear to take out Sara, and please take her out FOREVER. I'm done with seeing her saying things like; I can't be with you anymore, because in the next episode she returns like nothing has happened. For the rest of the season, last week I thought that Victoria had the control in the show but Emily has never lost it. At firts I thought that Emily would leave the revenge but Conrad took her father, Victoria her mother and Daniel now his descendance. She can't let them win, and it's something that Aiden doesn't want to understant. I had a flashback when Emily left him for her revenge. Will he allie with Conrad now? But this season is so different, anything could happen. But the only clear thing is that Daniel and Emily are no longer in love, and if they make up again I'll be disapointed. Before I end I would like to talk about Charlotte. In last episode she just appeared in one scene and she had just three lines. Lastly she has been a minor part of the show since Declan's death. Could she leave the show? Please. I hope that in this episodes she will have a larger role. But after seeing the promotional pictures, the promo and the sneakpeak I doubt it as she doesn't appear.

Fate can be so cruel

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