In this first mid-season we've seen Emily struggling with her past: she has discovered that her father had been alive all this time, and her true identity has been revealed to nearly every Hamptonite. The appearance of his father has brought anything but more questions, and all this questions have been answered after this past week episode with the conclusion of the Malcolm Black story.

Abduction was a brilliant episode with a lot of action scenes and for the first time we've seen Emily and Victoria working along. At first I tought that Victoria would pair with Malcolm to save her life and that he's story arch would least until the season finale. But discovering that Emily had planned everything was mind-blowing. It remind me of the first seasons where Emily planned a complex takedown where everything went exactly as she had planned.

I think that this episode was mainly the Rescue Story, with some side stories, like Louise against her mother and Margaux plotting her Revenge. I hope that in the next episode this stories will be the main ones as I'm expecting to see Margaux confronting Emily like she did in the amazing scene of Epitaph.

Finally Emily has completed her revenge; Conrad is dead, Victoria has lost her children and the love of her life and she has finally reunited with her father. At the begining og the season Emily said that she could not become Amanda again as she had nothing left, but now she has so she will probably leave Emily Thorne for good to become again Amanda Clarke and live the happy life that she deserves. So, what is going to do next?

You and Emily deserve a life togheter
— Victoria, Abduction

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