I would like to write about the Americon Initiative. During all the second season the Initiative was planning a next move, telling Daniel to get Stone Heaven United, Conrad joining in, trying to get Carrion, kidnapping Padma. And all to  blow up Grayson Global? I thought that the initiative was more dangerous. The attack of Grayson Global was impressing in its moment but if we think in what happened next it's a little humiliating.

  • First Nolan's arrest. Trask forced Padma to record the video to frame him, but six months after the attack he was set free
  • Second Conrad as governor. If the whole attack was set to stablish Conrad as a Governor for his implication in helping everybody after the attack, it didn't went very well as he resigned six months later
  • Third Jack. If it was created to kill Jack because he was being a menance to Conrad, again it just induced Jack to kill Conrad after his brother's death. And the only reason he didn't do it was because Emily told him her real identity.

Also the executation was to much complicated, kidnap Padma's father to make her steal the Carrion from Nolan, even she didn't knew him, to create a blackout to put a bomb in Grayson Global and just with one casualty, Declan by chance because he shouldn't be there and the real target managed to avoid the bomb.

I think that the writes knew what they had done and decided in season 3 to kill the Initiative for good with this.

Let's never say the words 'The Initiative' or 'Carrion' ever again.

What do you think? Are you agree? Are you not? Tell me what you think below.

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