Lastly the Trivia Section has been inundated with personal thoughts, speculations of upcoming episodes or spoilers from the episode. I the trivia section should be filled with DETAILS WITH NO IMPORTANCE:

Example: Pilot:

  • Although set in The Hamptons, the pilot for Revenge was filmed in North Carolina and the rest of the series filmed in California.
  • The role of Emily's father in the pilot was to played by Marc Blucas however this role has since been recast with James Tupper due to Blucas' commitment to USA Network drama Necessary Roughness.

(This is extra information about the episode)


  • David punches Nolan for some reason.
  • Emily will discover more about David's secret past, she also might find out he killed Conrad.
  • Daniel might learn Emily's real identity

(It's a recap of the episode, and speculation about the next)

I think that these stuff doesn't belong here, but if you want in every episode this kind of stuff we could add another titled Continuity where we could add information about the plot of the episode

Example: Pilot:

  • Emily takes down her first victim, Lydia Davis
  • Victoria discovers that Conrad is seeing Lydia


  • Emily discovers that David is lying
  • Charlotte has left the Hamptons to go to rehab and may have told Daniel the truth about Emily
What do you think?

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In case you picked the second option:

Do you think we should add the Continuity Space?

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