This season is not being like the others, in this one we know that Emily is preparing a huge plan to finish her revenge. In every episode we discover new things about it. In Dissolution we discover that Emily is planning to frame Victoria for her murder and leave for good with Aiden. We also knew that The Grayson Manor was vital to make it happen. Today in Secrecy we discover that the murder's weapon is a gun and Aiden is trying to make it seem like Victoria has brought it. I still believe that what we saw in the flash forward is Emily framing Victoria. We've also seen so many secrets, Charlotte hiring Aiden. Aiden asking a favor to Nolan in Emily's backs. The Graysons men liar and the Graysons women knoledge about it. Victoria with her plan with Rohan. Rohan and Emily's relationship. Margaux's new vistit being the non-dead Lydia Davis, like I said she survived in that plane. It's amazing that we are in season 3 and we still miss thing about season 1 finale. The only wrong thing it's in the Surrender promo, 3 weeks hiatus? I thought that this year the ABC wouldn't make a hiatus in order to air the series in two halves. But the wait will worth it just to see what's Lydia up to do, will she be the new Emily Thorne? And please, WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT PLANE?

The secret to staying happily married is secrecy.

What do you think? Are you agree? Are you not? Tell me what you think below.

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