I think that Exodus has changed everything in Revenge. Emily has lost her memory and she don't remember who she is. Victoria knows that Emily has been after her family since before they met and maybe she will know that she is Amanda Clarke. Emily's plan has failed as Daniel has shot her. Now what's going to happen? Two thing can happen;

  • Emily will never get back her memory and will stop her plan and will have a happy life with her true love. (I don't write names because I still don't know who he is)
  • Emily will get back her memory and will takedown Daniel as well.

Anyway I hope that Lydia falls from her attic again and dies. The more episodes I see the more I hate her. I mean it's been amazing her return, because in Revenge nobody is completely dead, yes I'm talking about David Clarke. I would like to see him return to see what his little girl has become to.

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