This episode has been amazing. I've to say that at first I was scared with all the changes, but it has been amazing. I've to mention five moments;

  • Emily saying that her father is David Clarke.
  • Niko kissing Aiden.
  • Emily telling Jack that Daniel shot her.
  • Lydia's plot.
  • Patrick telling Victoria about the Infinity Box.

Emily and Charlotte's relationship has been very tense exept for the two last episode. They are now like sisters again. So that Emily told her that her father was David Clarke made me think that Charlotte could be a new allie, knowing Emily's secret. I've read about Niko and Aiden's relationship. They say that Aiden is cheating on Emily but I think that he is just using her. Now that Emily telling Jack that Daniel shot her means that she remembers everything or nearly everything. Lydia first seem to be the new Queen of the Hamptons but ended like David Clarke. Now both Conrad and Victoria have framed their lovers to protect their family. But something tells me that Lydia won't fall without a fight. Finally after seeing the promo of the next episode; Victoria is going to discover who really is Emily. So if now Victoria had half of the control in the game now she will have it all. How could Emily survive to this? Guess we'll have to wait.

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