The past episodes we've seen the battle between Emily and the Graysons. But this episode it's been about the crossfire. In particular Margaux and Jack. Daniel has tried to put Margaux against Jack, knowing that Jack is a friend of Emily. But I'm a little disapointed because during that scene Charlotte arrived and Daniel asked him about when Emilly was in hospital. I thought that Charlotte would say that Emily told her that her father was David Clarke, but she said nothing, the writers could have use that a little more. 

The war between Emily and Victoria is growing. Emily is trying to make Pascal talk so now Victoria is trying to keep it off. But then she let Emily win to let her talk with Pascal but in fact, Pascal was recording it to tell it then to Victoria

I think that Pascal is in danger because he is, not only on Emily's objective, now is also Aiden's. 

Emily... I've found you someone you can compete with

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