Finally we've seen Emily getting her revenge. At least over Conrad. I expected to see the arrest scene the same we saw on the pilot with David Clarke but it was better, because for the fist time we've seen Conrad ready to face his fate. In the past episode we saw one of the best scenes EVER in revenge. I'm talking about the one where Victoria is playing the piano like she is celebrating her freedom, even when Conrad asked her if she planned everything she was that happy that she took the blame. This beautiful scene ended up with Conrad in jail which I was expecting since Season 2 Episode 14 Sacrifice, specially in Season 2 Episode 21-22 Truth, Part 1, Truth, Part 2. We can cross his face, but Emily didn't. Here's why; Conrad is only arrested now we'll see the trial. He's fate is not sealed as his power could make him get out of jail, which I doubt. But until he's sentenced I wouldn't cross his face. Finally Charlotte has come to the Revenge side. I was so happy to see that she was involved in her father's takedown. Her place is with Emily and not with Daniel and less with Javier, Charlotte and Declan forever!!

Season 3 Finale Predictions:

  • Aiden will die, totally
  • Conrad in jail or dead
  • Victoria discovers Emily, she'll be behind Aiden's death
  • I hope Nolan kills Daniel, I'm begining to hate him more than his mother

So death nº1: Aiden. death nº2: Conrad killed by Victoria or Daniel killed by Nolan

Comment with your predictions and we'll see who's wright

Conrad Grayson: The authorities will be arriving at any minute

Victoria Grayson: Then I won't waste my energy in throwing you out

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