First of all, I declare myself the fan nº1 of Stevie Grayson. At first I tought that she would get burn after fighting with Victoria, but she has kicked her out of the Grayson Manor. In Revenge we've always seen Victoria as the queen of the Hamptons but this season she has lost power, and after seeing Payback Victoria is over, the new queen is Stevie Grayson. Like they said in Hatred, nothing beats the original. But by experience we know that Victoria won't fall that easy so in Struggle we are expecting to see Victoria's move.

When Conrad visited her I thought that she would fall in love again like Lydia Davis did, but she rejected him. I think that is the first woman that rejects Conrad, no one by her could resist his "charms", Ashley, Lydia.

Finally I heard that there would be a new famiy relationship between two characters but I never tought that Jack's mother would be a Grayson! And since both hate Conrad I think that he's days are counted.

Conclusion; I'm loving this new season, and I think that the second half would be better than the first. I hope that we see more "Queen Duels" like the one we saw in the shop. And a new character will appear, Pascal LeMarchal. I can't wait 'till Sunday

I owe this place. And I want you out by the end of the week

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