Emily's Wedding

Emily before getting shot

In my first entrance I would like to write about the beginning of the Season 3. It started as good as I have expected. The first episode was awsome, I was like, Is Emily poisoning Conrad just to takedown Ashley? Also Victoria saying that she and Emily were family, unpayable, even after they returned to reality a few moments after when they leaved both in diferent cars without saying a word to eachother. In the next episodes I saw that Emily was posioning Conrad to make him confess, but her plan went wrong when Patrick tried to kill Conrad and eventually killed Father Paul. Then Emily's problems with Daniel made me think that there wouldn't be a Wedding but when she showed him Amanda's photo I saw it clear, the wedding will happen. And after seeing the flash-forward I think that Emily will just finish half of her revenge, Daniel will discover it and he will shot her. Talking about the flash-forward, I see Jack's future very hard, personally I think he is not going to make it. Because Emily cannot choose between Aiden and Jack and I think that she is better with Aiden, because Jack is too hurt to be with her. Lastly I've been contempling the idea that Emily is going to die, and someone will revenge her during the second half of season 3 making this season the last. What do you think of it? Are you agree? Are you not? Tell me what you think below

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