Revenge will air in 6 days. I'm so exited those two weeks have seem an eternity. I'm lucky E! News nearly revealed who was the shooter. We've also discovered new information; the appearence of Patrick's father, Jimmy (I thought that the father was Maxwell, Victoria's mother's boyfriend, add this to the list of Victoria's lies). The appearence of Sara's mother, Loretta, so I guess that Sara will stay for a while.  Conrad's first's wife, Stevie, wil be a new enemy to Victoria. We will also see Nico, a doctor woman from Aiden's past.

Now it's time for predictions for the mid-season finale and I will make mine ; Emily will frame Victoria for her murder and will leave with Aiden in the yacht, but Daniel will discover what Emily has done and will shot her. (They say that the shooter will be gone for a while so it will fit as Josh Bowman is tired of playing Daniel). Aiden and Emily will go to the hospital and they will meet Nico.

What do you think? Tell me your predictions bellow.

Have the wedding of the century. Take down Victoria once and for all.

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