In the past episodes there have been two major teams; the first one lidered by Emily Thorne (Revengers) and a second one lidered by Daniel Grayson and Victoria Grayson (Graysons). Emily has three great allies, Nolan, Jack and Aiden, but Daniel has tried to put everyone else against them, specially the ones we tought that could have been allies, Margaux and Charlotte.

His key with Margaux has been Jack and Emily's relationship, and Margaux and Jack's is getting darker and some day it will explode. So I foresee a big fight against these two before the season finishes, specially now that Daniel and Margaux seem to have chemestry between them. But Margaux is not the only who is turning againts Jack, Charlotte is realising that Daniel is wright about Jack and she is turning against him, but with his new dangerous boyfriend, Javier. I say dangerous because Javier could be a dangerous enemy to Nolan, are we going to see a hacker fight like we did in Identity? (Nolan vs Fa1c0n).

Now let's look to the star signing. Team Revenge got Stevie Grayson, which I particularly liked a lot thinking that she would be a bi*ch like Victoria, but the alcohol won her the game. In Team Grayson we have Victoria's new love, Pascal LeMarchal but he is been losing everytime against Conrad, who has not pick sides as he is with Emily and against Victoria. But Emily is against him, he is against Stevie and helping Pascal once in a while. I think he just cares about himself and his business.

Luckily when Victoria tried to pick Mason Emily managed from England to save him from the prision.

Tell Ms. Thorne I'm going with what's behind door "G"

And you, who are you with?


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