This week that Revenge is in a hiatus I don't know what to do. But I discovered that E! News has discovered who is the shooter this is the list of their candidates:

Every 100 tweets with the hastag #RevengeShoter they will discard one suspect. They've alredy discard two; Victoria Grayson, and Kara Wallace. I've discarded Patrick (Emily would never say sorry to him), Ashley (seriously? Ashley in the list?) and Declan (he is totaly dead, and he has nothing against Emily). It leaves;

Nolan Ross
It would mean a big betrayal for Emily, I hope that he is not

Charlotte Clarke
This season their relationship has been very tense, she wants the wedding as much as Victoria

David Clarke
Imagine that his death was a lie, that Gordon Murphy didn't killed him because he loved Kara. It wouldn't be the first time that he saves a victim (Victoria and Lydia)

Daniel Grayson
It will fit. The actor wants to be killed or to be a villian. He has been used by Emily since the beginning, maybe when he discover what she has done decides to kill her.

Jack Porter
Poor Jack, he has lost his family and then discovers the truth about Emily. Then that she is planing to leave for good with Aiden. In the last episode I saw something in him when he discovered Emily's plan after the wedding, I don't know but there's something about it that I don't like

Tomorrow, Monday 25th at 7 pm they will discard another suspect. Here's the link: Don't forget to tweet.

I'm Sorry

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