This last episode has been a fight between Nolan and Margaux & Daniel. The price, Javier's app. Even after Nolan left him stay in his house and helped him, Nolan was loosing the figth as Charlotte conviced Javier to go with Daniel. Charlotte has always been a friend of Emily, but this season she has become an enemy. Personally I don't like this new Charlotte because Daniel is using her and she doesn't see it. Also because even she is a Grayson I've never seen her as a target but we didn't see Daniel as an enemy in Season 1 but now he's worst than his parents. Guess no Grayson can change it's desiny, even if they surname is Clarke. She will fall like her brother as Nolan has declare war againts this two. They should be scared as we've never seen Nolan like this, which was awesome, only Nolan could made an entrance like that, who remind me a little bit like Trask (Is me or somebody else saw it?)

Finally takedowns returned but this time it was all planed by Victoria who discovered that Emily was avenging David. What a bombshell!

My predicitons for Season 3 Finale:

  • Aiden will die, definitely
  • Victoria will discover Amanda Clarke (Emily's true identity)
  • I don't know what will happen with Javier, mainly as his story is not that important, we'll see
  • Margaux and Jack's relationship is over and I don't give them more than two episodes.
  • Pascal won't be there as I foresee him out before 3x21 Impetus, dead. That would leave Margaux as the CEO of LeMarchal media and Gideon would come to overthrown her in Season 4. Pascal death would destroy Victoria and she will go after Emily to avenge him, yes, Emily will kill him. Her or Aiden.

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