I've just seen the next Revenge episode: Dissolution it was amazing, when everything seems to fall Emily finds a way to stop it. If Conrad tries to sell the house she scares her estate agent, if Victoria tries to leave the house, Aiden shows her their fortune. No one is leaving without Emily's permission and Patrick wasn't lucky enough as Jack allied with Conrad to kick him out. The worst thing of Patrick's departure is Nolan's heart. Poor Nolan could you please leave him alone. Every relationship with Nolan is destined to end badly. Let's see his past lovers;

This episode was full of revelations; Jack discovered that Nolan was in Emily's side since the beginning. Daniel discovered what happened to Sara Munello. Emily revealed to Jack and Nolan her plan for August 8th, frame Victoria for her death. So I've thought, could the Season 3 flash forward be a part of Emily's plan and the shooter could be Victoria?

What do you think? Are you agree? Are you not? Tell me what you think below.

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