Dear ABC. You have created some amazing shows, including my favourite one, Revenge. But I'm very disappointed on you because you've also killed my favourite show.

You killed Revenge back on early 2014 when you moved it to the 10:00 PM slot, making it go down in the number of viewers. You move it to let Resurrection in, but it never archieved what Revenge did. This made Revenge loose the viewers that did not like Ressurection as they changed the channel and did not return to ABC at 10:00 PM.

But you have really destroy it this year, in a way that shows us that you don't care for you shows. You saw it was loosing viewers but you did not try to fix it, you directly kill it off.

I say this because, even after being moved, Revenge managed to survive until December 2014. Back in January, you kept OUAT safe and put Revenge and Resurrection in the hands of Galavant. But Galavant failed and by extension Revenge and Ressurection fell to.

After all of this I kept with the hopes, because the plot of Revenge this season is being amazing, it gave us such fantastic episodes like, 4x10, 4x11 or 4x13, and people is, indeed, watching Revenge, just that they don't watch it at the horrible slot you've put it in, as Revenge has duplicated it's viewers in the Live+7 DVR Ratings.

The main proof that you don't want a season 5 of Revenge is that during the oscars both OUAT and Secrets and Lies had a promo but Revenge didn't. Why? Because you don't want people to see it so you can finish it. Thank you ABC, thank you for not having been able to use this amazing show that Mike Kelley created, thank you for trying to have another sucesseful show, Ressurection, and loosing it and Revenge instead. Thank you because you will kill of my favourite show.

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