I've just seen the mid-season finale and it's AMAZING. It has began as good as I expected. But when Sara appeared, didn't she left FOR GOOD. So the Wedding began and Lydia Davis is officially the owner of the beach house. So everybody is in the yacht. Emily Grayson began her plan by leaving alone Victoria and leaving. But Lydia told Victoria that Emily was in the 2002 Grayson New Year's Bash showing her the photo. Victoria went to the deck of the yacht were Emily was getting ready for her plan. She revealed to Victoria that she wasn't pregnant and Aiden took her away but Daniel hear it and shot to the woman who make him lose the real love of his life. So, Patrick is near to discover the Infinity Box. Emily's fate, unknown as we've just seen her dress. Conrad, Charlotte, Margaux, Lydia and Daniel in the deck of the yacht without knowing were are Emily and Victoria. For the next mid-season we know that Emily will lose her memory, or will fake it. Maybe it's the right time for Daniel to leave her and date Sara. But what does it mean for Emily's revenge if she has forget everything? Will she end up her plans and have a happy life? Hope not because I want to see again the ninja Amanda Clarke.

Daniel, I've looked forward to this day since I was a little girl. Thank you for letting me into your life, into your family. Through you, I've become the woman that I always wanted to be, the woman that I needed to be. From the moment I met you, I knew that this moment was in our destiny. We share a bond that is unbreakable. Until death parts us.

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