After seeing Surrender I'm seeing how Emily's plan it's coming to an end. She has put gun resides in one of Victoria's bracelets for the investigation. She finally (I hope) has get rid of Sara Munello so her fianceé has no more distractions. Personally I've liked Sara's departure but I think that she will return, unfortunately. Lydia's return has begin very good but after seeing Conrad she has stepped back. She is the same scared girl we saw at Season 1. But when you thought that everything was finished, BOOM. Lydia finds the photo from the 2002 Grayson New Year's Bash. Victoria, what can I say? She had allies to stop the wedding but she is alone now. So what can she do? Surrender. She can't see his boy marring "that little bitch" so she won't attend. Aiden has proposed to Emily. It has been so beautiful. It's clear that Aiden is so in love with Emily and he too so I hope that they end up together. Or will his death be the main plot of the next mid-season? So what will Emily do as her plan is falling in front of her. I don't know what is she going to do but here I make my final prediction; The wedding will take place, Victoria will get framed... Then at the yacht Daniel will show Lydia's photo and he will discover how manipulative her "wife" is. He has lost the love of his life for her so he will shoot her in the stomach to kill the fake baby.

Amanda Clarke will you marry me?

What do you think? Are you agree? Are you not? Tell me what you think below.

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