Emily has won, Conrad's dead and Victoria is in a hospitalized in a psychiatric . But she is not ok, she doesn't want to be Amanda Clarke again because she has nothing left. After all these years planning her revenge she's empty, and can only be filled by punishing the others, even if they have nothing to do with the Graysons.

But Victoria's really feeling guilty of what she's done and tried to make peace, but as Emily refused she decided to go after her with a brilliant prison brake. The only thing I didn't liked about this episode is that their painting Victoria as the hero and Emily as the villain. Victoria condemned Emily to leave without her father and killed her lover. Victoria is after her because of Pascal's death but Emily has nothing to do with it, Conrad did it. Victoria will NEVER be the hero.

Who really deserves revenge is David and he already began his plan kidnapping Victoria. It's been a great revelation to know that the officer that let Conrad out was working for David. Now we'll have to wait how Emily reacts to this big revelation.

You chose revenge. Now it's my turn
— Victoria Grayson Renaissance

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