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    If this episode has teached us something is that anyone is safe in this show, even the great Queen of the Hamptons can go down any time. But what a way she has gone, if she had to go she will leave her way. Since the second half of Season 3, Victoria has been loosing everything that she has ever loved and most of them on Emily's fault. First her beloved son her loved Pascal, then her daughter and son, her past lover and the chance of having grandchildren, and in everyone, Emily had something to, exept Patrick. But when she had a truly loss it was when she entered the psychiatric and lost her house. She always saw the Grayson Manor as her hell but also as her heaven. Even after everything that passed in that manor she always refugied in it'… Read more >
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    How to kill Revenge

    February 23, 2015 by JaumeDS

    Dear ABC. You have created some amazing shows, including my favourite one, Revenge. But I'm very disappointed on you because you've also killed my favourite show.

    You killed Revenge back on early 2014 when you moved it to the 10:00 PM slot, making it go down in the number of viewers. You move it to let Resurrection in, but it never archieved what Revenge did. This made Revenge loose the viewers that did not like Ressurection as they changed the channel and did not return to ABC at 10:00 PM.

    But you have really destroy it this year, in a way that shows us that you don't care for you shows. You saw it was loosing viewers but you did not try to fix it, you directly kill it off.

    I say this because, even after being moved, Revenge managed to survi…

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    What's Next?

    January 25, 2015 by JaumeDS

    In this first mid-season we've seen Emily struggling with her past: she has discovered that her father had been alive all this time, and her true identity has been revealed to nearly every Hamptonite. The appearance of his father has brought anything but more questions, and all this questions have been answered after this past week episode with the conclusion of the Malcolm Black story.

    Abduction was a brilliant episode with a lot of action scenes and for the first time we've seen Emily and Victoria working along. At first I tought that Victoria would pair with Malcolm to save her life and that he's story arch would least until the season finale. But discovering that Emily had planned everything was mind-blowing. It remind me of the first s…

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    Trivia Space

    November 6, 2014 by JaumeDS

    Lastly the Trivia Section has been inundated with personal thoughts, speculations of upcoming episodes or spoilers from the episode. I the trivia section should be filled with DETAILS WITH NO IMPORTANCE:

    Example: Pilot:

    • Although set in The Hamptons, the pilot for Revenge was filmed in North Carolina and the rest of the series filmed in California.
    • The role of Emily's father in the pilot was to played by Marc Blucas however this role has since been recast with James Tupper due to Blucas' commitment to USA Network drama Necessary Roughness.

    (This is extra information about the episode)


    • David punches Nolan for some reason.
    • Emily will discover more about David's secret past, she also m…
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    A new Revenge

    September 30, 2014 by JaumeDS

    Emily has won, Conrad's dead and Victoria is in a hospitalized in a psychiatric . But she is not ok, she doesn't want to be Amanda Clarke again because she has nothing left. After all these years planning her revenge she's empty, and can only be filled by punishing the others, even if they have nothing to do with the Graysons.

    But Victoria's really feeling guilty of what she's done and tried to make peace, but as Emily refused she decided to go after her with a brilliant prison brake. The only thing I didn't liked about this episode is that their painting Victoria as the hero and Emily as the villain. Victoria condemned Emily to leave without her father and killed her lover. Victoria is after her because of Pascal's death but Emily has noth…

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