We are only THREE days away from the return of Revenge to our TVs!! A lot of things were left unanswered when Season 2 took a break, and we are already getting a lot of hints of what's to come once it comes back!

We've got some speculations about the return of Season 2 based on a little bit of detective work and also what we hope is going to happen! Continue reading for more, and make some of your own predictions about Season 2 in the comments below!


Collusion 9
  • From what we've seen in pictures and promos, Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) is joining the cast as Jason Prosser! It seems like he might have some kind of past with the Graysons; maybe he'll be part of the mysterious Initiative?
  • Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson back together again??! We love Aiden Mathis and no one can deny his good looks and charming accent, but it's DANIEL GRAYSON! That is one relationship that we really hope comes back to the small screen!
Collusion 1
  • With that said, we think Victoria has something planned for Emily in order to maybe save Daniel who, as we saw in the end, is now involved with "the Initiative". Uh oh!
  • Will Aiden let the Emily/Daniel romance happen? Or maybe he'll have some fun on his own...with Ashley Davenport?
  • Daniel's mom, Emily's mom, and maybe Nolan Ross's mom? We know that Nolan's dad is gone but where is his mom? Maybe we'll see an appearance this season!
  • Declan Porter and Jack Porter seem like they're in BIG trouble. The brothers that invested in The Stowaway Tavern appear to have some kind of vendetta against their dad/their family and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty! Let's hope Amanda Clarke won't have to get her hands dirty again in order to protect her family...


Revenge 2x10 Promo "Power" (HD)-000:30

Revenge 2x10 Promo "Power" (HD)-0


Revenge Season 2 "A Beautiful Thing" Promo (HD)-000:31

Revenge Season 2 "A Beautiful Thing" Promo (HD)-0



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