• DarrenFreakinPotter

    So obviously, this is one of the biggest cliffhangers the first season has left us. Why the heck is Amanda (the real emily) pregnant? And who's the father?

    So, there are two choices that fans are inclined with. Jack and Takeda. Jack because he's in a relationship with Amanda to begin with and Takeda because, well, he kindapped her.

    But i'm debunking Takeda out of the picture because i just don't see him raping his captive. This is Takeda we're talking about. The super bad-ass ninja that mentors Emily into becoming a destructive powerhouse. I think raping Amanda is way beneath him.

    So that leaves Jack but wait, there's sitll one more candidate. A character that we haven't met yet and you know what? That's the most logical choice for me. It'll …

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