• Asnow89

    Hey there Revenge fans!

    Are you counting down the days until the Revenge Season 3 finale this Sunday? Invite a few friends over for a finale viewing party and serve some of these Revenge-themed recipes to impress your friends!

    Stick with finger foods, in true Victoria Grayson style. Let red be the main color theme of your party. Just for fun, hide a few surprises around your party to shock your friends (because, as we know in Revenge, nothing is ever really what it seems). Enjoy!

    You can't have a Revenge party without serving some seafood. The show is set in the Hamptons, which is right on the water. Your guests won't see the kick of spicy wasabi in these oysters coming (in true Revenge style).

    As a shout out to the man who taught Emily everyt…

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