How much do you know Revenge??? On ABC's website you can choose a quiz and see what kind of fan you are. Here I will put the links for 4 of them:)

The Ultimate Wrap-Up Quiz

Reckoning 3

How much do you recall about what went down after

that fateful summer in The Hamptons? There’s only

one way to find out. Take the Ultimate Season One

Wrap-Up Quiz now!

Revenge Season One Wrap Up Quiz: Part 1


See if you can remember all the details in our Season

One Wrap Up Quiz: Part 1! Remember this is only a

taste, so remember to check back soon for part 2.

The Queen Mother Quiz


Victoria Grayson is the Queen of The Hamptons, but

she’s also a mother who will do ANYTHING for her

children. To see some examples of this, take our

quick Queen Mother quiz right now!

Emily and Daniel


Test your knowledge surrounding Emily and Daniel’s

relationship now in our "Emily and Daniel" quiz!