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    October 23, 2012 by 100 Redroses

    Hello :)

    I would like everyone to know that we are open for suggestions for this wiki. So if you have any idea, for example suggestions of polls, just write a comment on this page or send me a message.

    Thanks for your contributions

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    Dear REVENGE fans,

    The opening scene, a flash forward three months from when the bulk of the action took place Sunday (september 30), sparked great speculation. Whose body will be found on the shipwrecked Amanda, off the coast of Block Island?

    Creator Mike Kelley confirms that the arm we saw belongs to ... a guy!

    "It's a man and it's someone you know," he told TV Guide, adding that we will learn his identity of in the 14th episode of Revenge Season 2. Let the speculation and intrigue begin!

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    June 14, 2012 by 100 Redroses

    How much do you know Revenge??? On ABC's website you can choose a quiz and see what kind of fan you are. Here I will put the links for 4 of them:)

    How much do you recall about what went down after

    that fateful summer in The Hamptons? There’s only

    one way to find out. Take the Ultimate Season One

    Wrap-Up Quiz now!

    See if you can remember all the details in our Season

    One Wrap Up Quiz: Part 1! Remember this is only a

    taste, so remember to check back soon for part 2.

    Victoria Grayson is the Queen of The Hamptons, but

    she’s also a mother who will do ANYTHING for her

    children. To see some examples of this, take our

    quick Queen Mother quiz right now!

    Test your knowledge surrounding Emily and Daniel’s

    relationship now in our "Emily and Daniel" quiz!

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    Guilty or not ????

    April 19, 2012 by 100 Redroses

    What do you think will happen on Daniel's trail??

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