Truth, Part 2
Season 2, Episode 22
Truth Part 2 21
Air date May 12, 2013
Written by Mike Kelley and
Mark B. Perry
Directed by J. Miller Tobin
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Truth: Part 2 is the 22nd and final episode of Season 2, the second episode of the two-part Season 2 finale and makes up the 44th episode of the show overall.


ONE CATASTROPHIC MOMENT WILL CHANGE EVERYONE'S LIVES FOREVER -- The devastation leads to a heartbreaking death that will send shock waves down the shoreline and force Emily to take a hard look at the truth and path of revenge she has embarked on.



The fallout of the explosion that destroyed several floors in the Grayson Global building throws the street below into chaos. Emily rushes into the building to look for Jack while Nolan heads back to his office to track his phone. Conrad takes control at the scene declaring to the cameras he and his campaign workers are the first respondents to this crisis. Inside the building, Emily’s sees the legs of an injured man. She’s pulled away by firefighters before she can see if it’s Jack. It’s not. He’s safe at Nolan’s office. He got the message to get out of the building. Now Jack wants to know how Nolan knew the building he was in was set to explode.

Nolan gives the 411 about the Fa1c0n and the terrorists behind all this. Jack believes Ashley set him up. He smashes his phone so everyone will think he’s dead. Emily is relieved to learn Jack is alive. She has to stop him before he does anything rash. Jack tracks down Ashley, but realizes Conrad is the one who lured him into the building, which means he knew the explosion was coming. Daniel tries to pin the bombing on Aiden, who flees the scene before he can be captured. As for the man who Emily saw in the offices, he’s wheeled out on a stretcher. Charlotte is horrified to see it's Declan; he’s in bad shape.

Jack needs to sneak into the hospital to see Declan without revealing he’s still alive. He’s forced to rely on Emily to help him accomplish this. He appreciates she’s going to such extremes to help him. Jack wears a doctor’s disguise to sneak in to see his brother. Declan is awake and responsive. He agrees to get as far away from the Graysons as possible once he’s better, but it will be hard to leave with the news of Charlotte's pregnancy. Declan puts on a brave face when Charlotte visits him. He says he’s going to be okay, but the look on his face after she leaves suggests otherwise. Nolan learns there’s a race to find a way to repair Declan’s heart.

Aiden asks Emily one last time to run away with him from all this revenge. He presents her with a key to a distant villa they talked about in the past just in case she ever changes her mind. He kisses her goodbye. Emily’s sadness over his departure is short-lived once she learns Jack may be going after the Graysons. Speaking of the First Family of the Hamptons, Daniel realizes his father knew the explosion was coming. Conrad says he had no choice but to play along with the Initiative’s plan. The only thing he could do was minimize the damage.

Emily sees on the news Aiden has been arrested. He’s being charged with being the mastermind behind the cyber-attacks on New York and blowing up the offices of Grayson Global. Daniel lets his mother know his father is the actual culprit of the bombing. Victoria believes her husband has been with the Initiative all along. Conrad corrects her. He says there’s never really been an Initiative. It’s just a bunch of savvy business people who profit from disasters. Helen Crowley tipped him off about what was coming so he could also profit. Victoria is disgusted by this, but Conrad still expects her to join him on stage for his election victory speech.

Jack sneaks into the hospital again to see Declan but finds only Nolan in his room. He learns of his brother’s artery burst. Declan left a video message saying how much he loves Jack, who loses control when he realizes his little brother is gone forever. Nolan relays the news to Emily. Jack is going after Conrad, but he first runs into Victoria. He pulls a gun on her, but doesn’t squeeze the trigger. He wants her to live a long, tortured life. He doesn’t have the same wish for her husband.

Aiden is surprised to learn the feds are dropping all charges against him due to a shift in the investigation. Aiden confronts Daniel advising him to let Emily go. The two of them get into a brawl with Aiden getting the upper hand. He offers Daniel a second chance, having no idea the man he just beat up is eyeing fallen gun.

Nolan has no idea what’s happening when the feds storm his office. He’s placed under arrest for crimes against his country. Nolan tries to let the authorities know the Fa1c0n is the one who unleashed his Carrion program. She works for the Initiative. They are the ones who stole Carrion and killed his girlfriend, Padma. The feds don’t buy it. They show Nolan a video where Padma fingers him as the blind disciple of David Clarke. She says he’s the evil mastermind who has the power to execute his judgment on the rest of the world. She claims Nolan Ross IS the Initiative.

Conrad is projected as the winner in the race for governor of New York. Ashley lets Emily know she gave Jack a pass to get into his victory party. She thought he was coming to hear her play the Nate Ryan tape. In truth, Jack is there for a much more fatal type of revenge. Emily needs Conrad to stay off the stage until she tracks down Jack. Ashley is willing to help run interference until she sees her boss’s total lack of remorse over Declan’s death.

Daniel arrives moments before Conrad is to take the stage. He needs to borrow a shirt from his dad, as the one he’s wearing is stained with blood. Conrad takes the stage without his wife by his side. Victoria is at home being surprised by an unexpected visitor, her long lost son Patrick. As Conrad launches into his victory speech, Emily spots Jack in the rafters. She rushes to him. Jack wears a steely look on his face as he pulls out a gun. He takes aim at Conrad. Emily reaches him before he pulls the trigger. She lets him know it’s her choices that have led him to this desperate moment. Emily asks Jack to look at her he has a flashback of Amanda and him on the beach when they were young and he realizes who Emily really is. She reveals she’s the real Amanda Clarke. Jack stares at Emily and realizes who she really is and is utterly shocked when Emily tells him she's Amanda Clarke.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

Co-Starring Cast

  • Stephanie Maura Sanchez as News Anchor
  • Milby Barron as Reporter
  • Charles Carpenter as Fireman #1
  • David Lim as Fireman #2
  • Barry Levy as Security Guard


Ashley: Shouldn't we wait for first responders?
Conrad: We are the first responders.

Nolan: [to Jack] I trust Emily with my life. So did Amanda. It's time you did too.

Declan: Nolan, if I don't make it, Jack is going to need you more than ever.
Nolan: I'll always be there for Jack. But you, Declan, you're not going anywhere 

Victoria: Whatever your reasons for marrying him, you'll never convince me it's for love. And by and by, you will grow tired of perpetuating this charade until one morning you'll wake up hollow with regret and misery to fill your days.

Aiden: I hope you get what you're looking for, Amanda. No one deserves it more than you. Goodbye

Jack: Emily, go away. This has nothing to do with you.
Emily: It has everything to do with me. If I had only left you alone from the beginning, none of this would be happening. Don't throw your life away because of the choices that I've made
Jack: What choices? What are you talking about?
Emily: Jack, look at me
--Jack Thinks of young Amanda--
Emily: Deep down inside you've always known the truth.
--Jack realizes who Emily really is--
Emily: I'm Amanda Clarke.


Last.fm_play.png "Seven Devils" – Florence + the Machine
Last.fm_play.png "Time" – Hans Zimmer



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  • Emily Hugs Daniel
  • Aiden Confronts Daniel
  • Daniel Fights Aiden
  • Daniel Yells at Aiden
  • Daniel Talks to Ashley
  • Daniel and Ashley Look Up
  • Ashley Watches Reporters Interview Conrad
  • Reporters Interview Conrad
  • Daniel and Conrad Look Upset
  • Daniel Grabs a Police Officer
  • Victoria Looks Serious
  • Conrad Prepares For His Speech
  • Conrad Talks to Ashley
  • Ashley Smiles at Conrad
  • Daniel Has Blood on His Sleeve
  • Conrad Addresses the Crowd
  • Conrad Talks to His Supporters
  • Emily Looks Concerned
  • Conrad Gives an Impassioned Speech
  • Emily Talks to Ashley
  • Emily Looks Serious
  • Emily Stops Jack
  • Emily Falls in the Explosion
  • Emily Falls in the Blast
  • Emily Is Thrown to the Ground in the Explosion
  • Emily Looks Up as Others Take Cover
  • Emily and Daniel Find Each Other
  • Emily Thorne Looks Distraught
  • Daniel Grayson Looks at the Destruction
  • Conrad Looks at the Destruction
  • Conrad Leads the People
  • Conrad Rushes Bystanders to Safety
  • Conrad, Charlotte, and Victoria Talk
  • Charlotte Looks Horrified With Her Parents
  • Jack Wears a Disguise
  • Jack Turns With His Gun Pointed
  • Emily Tells Jack the Truth
  • Jack Porter Is Reduced to Tears
  • Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman Embrace


  • Emily VanCamp's 27th birthday was on the same day as this epsiode.
  • Emily revealed her real identity to Jack at the end of this episode.
  • Many cliffhanger have left us in question:
    • The fact Nolan has now been arrested.
    • What will happen now Jack knows the truth.
    • Did Daniel really kill Aiden?
    • Patrick showing up at Victoria's doorstep.
    • What will Charlotte do once she knows Declan is dead.
    • Conrad and his planned destruction.

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