Trey Chandler
Portrayed by Michael Nardelli
Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male
First appearance: "Resurrection"
Latest appearance: "Victory"
Appearance Count: 4
Trey Chandler is a boy from Collins Prep who was hired by Kenny Ryan to convince Declan Porter to attempt a robbery in Season 2.

Season 2Edit

We first see him in "Resurrection", inviting Declan to sail with him and his friends, but Declan declines, venting out to him his frustrations about money and his life. Later, he approaches Declan again and offers him money if he keeps a stolen watch with him for a few days.

He is next seen with Declan robbing a mansion in the episode "Confidence". At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Trey was working with the alleged owner of the house, Kenny to snare Declan for the burglary to put the Porters in debt with Kenny. Even later, it is revealed that the house they robbed was, in fact, not Kenny's.

Trey reappears briefly in "Victory", when Declan picks his pocket for his cell phone as part of Jack's plan to lure Kenny out of hiding.


Season 2Edit


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