Tony Hughes
Portrayed by Josh Pence
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Social Worker
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Light Brown
Significant Others: Nolan Ross
Children: Unnamed child (adopted)
Character Information
First appearance: Retaliation
Latest appearance: Aftermath
Appearance Count: 4

Season 4Edit

In "Loss", Tony is the social worker that is assigned to make sure Carl David Porter is well taken care of after Jack Porter's arrest. Nolan gets into an argument with Tony where he reveals his father kicked him out when he found out that Nolan is bisexual (his father "caught" him kissing a boy), and demanded to know where these people were when he needed them. Tony later apologized and expressed his deepest sympathies towards what Nolan had to go through.

In "Clarity", Tony and Nolan bonded and got closer, but Tony told Nolan that he doesn't date married men, so Nolan asked for a divorce from his wife, which she granted Nolan, allowing him to he with Tony.

Later, Tony ended their relantionship because he was going to adopt a child and did not want Nolan to distract him.


Season 4Edit

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