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The timeline below uses dates given in dialogue and shown on screen (from newscasts, etc.).

Assumed names are in quotes, i.e. Amanda/"Mandy"/"Emily", all the same person.

1961, Jul-11
1971 Nov-25
  • Marion Harper convinces her daughter, Victoria, to shoot Thomas, a man she was seeing.
  • Victoria is sentenced six months under Inpatient Psychiatric Evaluation.
  • Marion Harper throws Victoria onto the streets and marries Maxwell, a man who sexually molested her daughter. ("Lineage")
  • Victoria gives birth to a son (Patrick) whom she gives up for adoption.
1984 Jun-11
circa 1985
1986 Jul-19
  • Conrad Grayson marries Victoria Harper. the great Victoria Grayson is born
New Years Eve
  • Victoria Grayson and David Clarke meet for the first time.
1992 Jun-04
  • Amanda receives Sammy as a puppy for her ninth birthday.
  • Amanda meets Jack Porter. ("Pilot")
1993 May-28
  • Colleen Mathis, Aiden's sister, is kidnapped and sold by Dmitri, just one week before the downing of Flight 197.
  • Aiden and Colleen's father, Trevor Mathis, a luggage carrier at the Heathrow Airport, is blackmailed into planting the bomb on Flight 197. (“Lineage”)
1993 Jun-04
1993 Aug-31
  • David Clarke is arrested. (“Destiny”)
  • Two days after David's arrest, Angel of Mercy Hospital, where Kara Wallace was institutionalized, is bought by a shell company and shut down.
1993 Aug-28
  • Victoria, Conrad and Gordon Murphy talk about Kara Wallace in the offices of Grayson Global. (“Destiny”)
1993 Sept-18
  • Dr. Michelle Banks visits Amanda in foster care and tells her she cannot see her father again.
1994 Aug-22
1995 Mar-23
  • David Clarke's trial. (“From the Beginning”)
  • Lydia Davis testifies in the David Clarke trial.
1995 Mar-25
  • Conrad Grayson testifies in the David Clarke trial.
1995 April-5
  • Bill Harmon testifies in the David Clarke trial.
  • Victoria Grayson testifies in the David Clarke trial.
1995 Jun-09
  • David Clarke is sentenced to life in prison. (“From the Beginning”)
1995 Nov-22
  • Ryan Huntley sends a letter to David Clarke to inform him that he will not go further with the appeal
1995 Dec-15
  • Mason interviews Conrad about David.
  • Amanda is sent to Allenwood Juvenile Detention Center.
2002 Apr-22
  • Conrad meets with Gordon Murphy and sends him to kill David Clarke in prison.
2002 June
  • Amanda is released from Allenwood, six weeks after David's death.
2002 Dec-28
  • Amanda assaults her date at a NYC club. (“Legacy”)
2002 Dec-31
  • "Mandy" works the Graysons New Year's party. (“Legacy”)
  • Frank Stevens kills Roger Halsted . (“Legacy”)
  • Conrad Grayson and Lydia Davis begin a romantic affair.
2006 Nov-23
  • Marion Harper visits her daughter, Victoria ("Lineage")
  • Emily embarks on her first mission under Takeda's training ("Lineage")
  • Emily meets Aiden for the first time ("Lineage")
  • Emily learns about Aiden's path to revenge ("Lineage")
  • Emily asks Takeda to take Aiden as his student ("Lineage")
2008 Winter
  • Emily is in Japan with Aiden. They are training under Takeda, in the school of Revenge. ("Confidence")
2010 Summer
  • Daniel Grayson gets into a car accident after drunk driving which leaves a girl paralyzed.
2011 May-30
  • Emily is introduced to Victoria Grayson. (“From the Beginning”)
  • Emily meets Daniel for the first time as Emily Thorne ("Pilot")
  • Emily meets Jack for the first time as Emily Thorne ("Pilot")
2011 Sept-05
  • Emily's and Daniel's engagement party
  • Tyler's death
2012 March
2012 May
  • It's been sixty days that Charlotte is in Cliffside Home Addiction Recovery Center (“Destiny”)
  • Emily is in Japan, training with Takeda to unlock her memories about her mother.
2012 May-28
  • Emily is back in the Hamptons.
  • On Memorial Day there is the annual art auction that Victoria used to sponsor and a eulogy for the queen of the Hamptons.
  • Emily learns that Victoria is alive (“Destiny”)
2012 September
  • Amanda Clarke aka the real Emily Thorne dies after the explosion of the Amanda. ("Sacrifice")
  • Nate Ryan dies onboard the Amanda. ("Sacrifice")
2012 Sept-03
  • A salvage mission at sea is underway at Block Island Sound, Rhode Island on Labor Day Weekend. A diver finds the wreckage of the Amanda, it’s been split down the middle. (“Destiny”)
2012 November 6th
  • Declan dies in the hospital.
  • Emily reveals her true identity to Jack.
  • Conrad is set as the Governor of New York. ("Truth, Part 2")
2013 August-08
  • Emily & Daniel's wedding. (“Fear”)


  • Sammy is at least 18, extremely old for a Lab.
  • “Legacy” has a scene set 28 December 2002 where a night club plays 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” which was not released until 7 January 2003

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