Suffolk County Memorial Hospital
Type Hospital
Inhabitants N/A
Former residents N/A
Guests N/A
Levels Unknown
Location The Hamptons
Address Unknown

Suffolk Country Memorial Hospital is a Hospital of the Hamptons where some of the characters have been admitted to.



Patient 1

Conrad in bed

It first appeared in May 2011 when Conrad Grayson had been poisoned by Emily Thorne during one of his encounters with Lydia Davis in the South Fork Inn. Doctors told him that he had just an indigestion and left. There Victoria Grayson discovered that he was having an affair.

Patient 2

Lydia in hospital

It appeared again after Lydia Davis was thrown throught her balcony by Frank Stevens. She was in coma until she woke up with several amnesia. Her doctor was Dr. Augilar and she told Cconrad and Victoria that she needed time to heal and that her memory would come back, so Victoria took her out and intalled her at the manor.

Patient 3

Amanda with her mother

Next year Amanda Clarke fell at Grayson Manor during her Baby Shower and was admitted in. Her familiars came to see her, including her mother, Kara Wallace. The doctors told them that they needed to operate to save the baby. After the surgery they told them that Amanda was in the ICU and that her baby was fine. Amanda got better and left home.

Patient 5

Jack discovers that Amanda has died

Jack was addmited to receive surgery after the events of his Honeymoon. During his recovering he discovered that Amanda died in the boat. He recoverd fully and left the same week.

Patient 4

Declan waiting for the stent

Late that year Declan Porter was addmited as he had several injuries from the Bombing in Grayson Global's Headquarters. Victoria Grayson was custoding him hoping to find Jack but Emily managed to infiltrate him. Dr. Norton told him that he needed urgent surgery but they were waiting for his stent. Saddly he died before it arrived.

11 Ashley 6

Grayson Family in Conrad's room

On May 2013 Conrad was addmited in after he fainted during Memorial Party. Dr. Jorge Valez was his doctor and informed him that he had Hungtinton's disease. Emily leaked the diagnosis to the press to make Conrad retire. He left to rest at home.

Homecoming 13

Emily resting

On August 2013 Emily Thorne was addmited after she was shot by Daniel Grayson during they honeymoon. She had several amnesia. Dr. Sturman told Victoria that she was recovering her memory so she decided to take her out of the hospital to install her in the manor.