Emily Thorne shooting
Skeet Shooting Event
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South Hampton, New York, USA


Summer 2012



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Aiden and Emily used it to convice Salvador Grobet, one of the higher investors in Grayson Global, to vote for Daniel. However Conrad invited him to make sure he was on his side. Aiden and Emily, knowing that if he was on Conrad's side Daniel would never become the CEO of Grayson Global, begin to convince him by talking with Nolan to make him think that negotiations were going well. They also knew that if Daniel gets Nolcorp he would change his mind. Nolan was decided to give his company to Daniel but he had a plan to reduce the pain. Daniel came to see Salvador with Ashley, who made a great impression to Salvador, then Aiden appeared to convince him. Emily appeared "accidentally" and told Salvador that she preferred Daniel as a CEO. Conrad and Victoria were watching it, but they had no time to think about it as Helen Crowley called Conrad, watching him from her car, and talking about Daniel. Nothing of it worked to change Salvador's mind, but he changed after Daniel blackmailed after seeing knowing he was having an affair with Ashley.