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On this page you can find what are the songs that played on the show in the second season, by episode.

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Episode 209: Revelations
Artiste:The Hundred In the Hands
Scene:End montage.

Episode 208: Lineage
Artiste:Paul Oakenfold
Song:Faster Kill Pussycat
Scene:Takeda and Emily start a bar fight.

Artiste:Camera Obscura
Song:Tears for Affairs
Scene:Marco gives Nolan a present.

Episode 207: Penance
Artiste: Frankel
Song: Burn to Shine
Scene: Jack and Fauxmanda put Baby Carl to sleep and chat about their wedding.

Artiste: Moo Industries
Song: Hummingbird
Scene: Grayson Global's investor luncheon.

Artiste: Smith Westerns
Song: Only One
Scene: Amanda and Mason chat at The Stowaway.

Artiste: UNKLE
Song: Sunday Song
Scene:End montage.

Episode 206: Illusion
Artiste: The Fearless Vampire Killers
Song: The Deadline
Scene: Mason enters the White-Haired Man's airstream.

Artiste: Don't Get Hung Up
Song: The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
Scene: Jack and Kara hang at The Stowaway, remain awkward.

Artiste: Sleepy Sun
Song: V.O.G.
Scene: The Stowaway kick off its grand reopening

Artiste: The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
Song: Cosmic Blues
Scene:Jack pops the question to Amanda on The Amanda.

Artiste: U.S. Royalty
Song: Fool to Love
Scene: Declan watches the news.

Artiste: Massive Attack
Song: Paradise Circus
Scene: Final scene montage.

Episode 205: Forgiveness
Artiste: Kurt Vile
Song: So Outta Reach
Scene: Charlotte visits Declan at The Stowaway, awkward convos ensue.

Artiste: Ferraby Lionheart
Song: Vermont Avenue
Scene: Jack updates Declan about Amanda.

Artiste: Rainbow Arabia
Song: Blind (Salva Remix)
Scene: Daniel, Ashley, and Aiden go out for drinks.

Artiste: Julia Stone
Song: For You
Scene: Emily trolls the beach and has a flashback about her dad.

Artiste: Actor On-Set
Song: Strangers In The Night
Scene: Mason accuses Amanda of being an imposter.

Episode 204: Intuition
Artiste: Azure Ray
Song: The Heart Has His Reasons
Scene: Everyone cries at the hospital (oh, and Daniel + Ashley do the deed) during the end-of-episode montage.

Episode 203: Confidence
Artiste: Lord Huron
Song: I Will Be Back One Day
Scene:Emily wanders over to The Stowaway to ask Fauxmanda for a favor.

Artiste: Damien Jurado
Song:Everything Trying
Scene: Jack and Amanda have a late-night bonding session at The Stowaway. Another shot of milk, please!

Episode 202: Resurrection
Artiste: INXS
Song:Never Tear Us Apart
Scene: Emily's mom sings along to this song during a sepia-toned 80s flashback.

Artiste: The Fieros
Song: Songbird
Scene: Jack and Amanda stroll into the Stowaway as a water pipe explodes all over Declan.

Artiste: Django Django
Song:Life's a Beach
Scene: Declan chats with Trey while hanging on The Amanda.

Artiste: Daiquiero
Song: More
Scene: Nolan and Padma have lunch and chat about Nolcorp.

Artiste: The Interns
Scene: Jack and Declan have bro-time over over a glass of scotch at the Stowaway.

Artiste: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Song: Only in My Dreams
Scene: Nolan has a Nolcorp video-meeting.

Episode 201: Destiny
Artiste: Tame Impala
Song: Elephant
Scene: Nolan kills it in the boxing ring.

Artiste: M Ward
Song: Theres a Key
Scene: Declan chats on the phone as Jack and Amanda walk into The Stowaway.

Artiste: Soft Swells
Song: Shake It Off
Scene: Nolan visits Jack (sorry, Jack Daddy) on his boat.

Artiste: Lightships
Song: Girasol
Scene: Jack works on the bar, remains moody.

Artiste: Chromatics (Neil Young cover)
Song: Into The Black
Scene: End montage.

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