On this page you can find what are the songs that played on the show in the first season, by episode.

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Seven Devils All Around You - Revenge

Seven Devils All Around You - Revenge

Reckoning 20

Episode 122 : Reckoning

Artiste: Florence + The Machine
Song: Seven Devils
Scene : Final End Montage

Episode 121 : Grief

Artiste: The Hiders
Song: Slow Me Down
Scene :Jamie and Declan work on school project at Stowaway


Artiste: The War on Drugs
Song: Brothers
Scene : Declan brings Jamie to Stowaway

Artiste: Gabriel and the Hounds
Song: The World Unfolds
Scene : Nolan Car, he talks to Emily, she grabs her gun and get the address of the WHM.

Episode 119 : Absolution

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Artiste: Tulsa
Song: St.Paul – Unreleased
Scene : Nolan talks to Jack and Declan at Stowaway about helping pay for Declan’s Collins Prep tuition.

Episode 118 : Justice

Artiste: Crocodiles
Song: No Black Clouds for Dee Dee – Unreleased
Scene : Nolan at Stowaway, on phone with Jack.

Artiste: Devendra Banhart
Song: Wiliamdzi- Unreleased
Scene : Victoria in Dominik’s loft.

Artiste: Imperial Teen
Song: Dont Know How You Do It
Scene : Charlotte visits Declan while he’s studying.

Episode 104: Duplicity


Artist: Fools Gold
Song: “Leave No Trace”
Scene: Declan thinks selling the bar will mean a whole new beginning.

Artist: Agnes Obel
Song: “Riverside”
Scene: The first flashback to young Emily and the doctor

Artist: Thurston Moore
Song: “Benediction”
Scene: Emily goes to the Stowaway.

Artist: The Strange Boys
Song: “Me and You”
Scene: Daniel drinks at the Stowaway.

Artist: Middle Brother
Song: “Wilderness”
Scene: Nolan gives Jack financial advice.

Episode 103: Betrayal


Artist: Fruit Bats
Song: “You’re Too Weird”
Scene: Charlotte (Christa Allen) is texting in her room.

Artist: Sun Kill Moon
Song: “Blue Orchids”
Scene: Declan and Jack talk at the bar after their father's death.

Artist: The Allman Brothers Band
Song: “Melissa”
Scene: Jack holds a wake for his father at the bar.

Artist: Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Song: “A Twist in the Sky”
Scene: Declan and Jack talk about their father at the bar.

Artist: Mari Persen
Song: “All in One”

Episode 102: Trust


Artist: Agnes Obel
Song: “Avenue”
Scene: The entire end montage, which wraps up with Emily blowing out her birthday candle.

Artist: Those Darlins
Song: “Let U Down”

Artist: The Elected vSong: “Babyface”
Scene: Emily talks to Daniel at the polo field.

Artist: Beach Fossils
Song: “Daydream”
Scene: Emily’s friends throw her a surprise party.

Episode 101: Pilot

Pilot 14

Artist: Angus and Julia Stone
Song: “For You”
Scenes: 1) Young Amanda dumps sand on the beach house porch, and her father, David (James Tupper), draws a double-infinity in it; Emily meets with the beach house real estate agent. 2) Emily and Daniel (Josh Bowman) talk at the boat party. 3) Teenage Amanda gets out of an institution, and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) picks her up. 4) Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) calls her private investigator about Emily.

Artist: Keegan Dewitt
Song: “Say La La”
Scene: Emily moves into the beach house.

Artist: The Postelles
Song: “Sound the Alarms”
Scene: Nolan wants to buy Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) boat.

Artist: Angus and Julia Stone
Song: “Hold On”
Scenes: Young Amanda and David play in the water, and Emily meets Lydia Davis (guest star Amber Valletta).

Artist: John Vandervelde
Song: “California Breezes - Unreleased”
Scene: Jack is at the bar.

Artist: Latin Bitman
Song: “Summertime”
Scene: Emily arrives at the boat party.

Artist: Bushwalla
Song: “I Raise Up”
Scene: Victoria meets Emily at the boat party.

Artist: The Love Language
Song: “Summer Dust”
Scene: Jack walks out to talk with the creditor.