Sara Munello
Portrayed by Annabelle Stephenson
Sara Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Residence: New York City, New York

Montauk, New York

Occupation: Daniel's Mistress (formerly)
Mill's Family Bakery (formerly)
The Stowaway (formerly)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Significant Others: Daniel Grayson † (ex-boyfriend)
Parents: Loretta Deaton (mother) [1]
Siblings: Patrick Munello (Brother)
Character Information
First appearance: Dissolution
Latest appearance: Hatred
Appearance Count: 7

Sara Marie Munello is the cocktail waitress who Daniel had dated the summer previous to Emily's arrival.



Sara's father left her mother for another woman. During the time she was dating Daniel, he crashed his car while intoxicated and Sara suffered a broken spine from the accident. Daniel had been led to believe that his parents had paid for all of her medical expenses when they settled the incident outside of court.

Season 1

Though Sara did not appear physically until the third season, her brother did appear when he trashed the winshield of Daniel's car as payback. Daniel confesses to Emily about his involvement in the incident which had severely injured Sara. It is at this point that Emily uses such knowledge in her favor, encouraging Daniel to become a better man and visit her to atone for his mistakes and bring them closer by helping him to do so.

Season 3

3x06 Sara

Sara meets Daniel

In "Dissolution", it was revealed that only her hospital bills were paid and that she had to work full time in a bakery to pay the rehab bills. She delivered a heated rant at Daniel regarding the settlement when he saw her in the bakery. Charlotte made an anonymous phone complaint to get her fired for this and then used her influence to land her a job in the kitchen of The Stowaway.

Independence 8

Daniel and Sara

In "Resurgence", Sara received an offer from Daniel, prepare his wedding cake and after Emily accepted she accepted too. Charlotte invited her to the July 4th Party but Victoria didn't liked until Charlotte told her why she invited her. She and Daniel nearly kissed at the end of the party. Then she received the visit of Victoria to apologise and told her that she could be the one for Daniel.

Sec Sara

Sara decides to give up

In "Secrecy", Sara met with Daniel and when he left, Emily appeared. Emily broke down in front of her and this made Sara step back. But Victoria hired her for Emily's Bridal Shower and when she saw how obsesive Victoria was with breaking up Daniel and Emily, she decided to leave their relationship alone. She went to see Daniel and told him about Victoria's manipulations and how she couldn't come between him and Emily. Daniel admitted he thinks Emily is too much like his mother to marry. He shows Sara the necklace he kept for her and then kisses her.

Surr Sara

Sara surrenders

In "Surrender", Sara told Charlotte that she couldn't be with Daniel anymore. Then when she knew that Emily was pregnant she gave Daniel the necklace he gave her back putting an end to their relationship.

Ex Sara

Sara visits Daniel

In "Exodus", Sara visited Daniel to make him believe that she was fine but she was heartbroken seeing the love of her life marrying another. She told Jack while she was drunk, and when she arrived home she almost drowned in the shower. Daniel was led to believe Sara had tried to kill herself because was Marrying Emily.

3x12 Sara

Sara returns with Daniel

In "Endurance", Daniel tried to talk to Sara at the Stowaway and she was offended when he implied she tried to kill herself because he was marrying Emily. Daniel apologized and told Sara that Emily had faked her pregnancy and that he wanted her back.

3x13 Sara

Sara, Emily's target

In "Hatred", Sara entered to live in Grayson Manor, even after Emily told her that she had to leave. She planned with Daniel to leave to Italy, but Emily called her mother who after seeing what she was doing stop seeing her as her daughter. After this, Sara left Daniel.


  • The actress Annabelle Stephenson was originally cast under the name Jenny. It is not known if this was a sudden change in casting or if the writers had covered up Sara's reappearance instead.
  • Munello is most likely the last name of Sara's father, since her mother's last name is Deaton

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Season 3





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