Character's name
Portrayed by Actor's name
Biographical Information
Born: Birthdate, Birthname
Full name: Full name
Status: Alive/Deceased
Episode of Death: Episode of Death
Cause of Death: Manner/Cause of Death
Residence: Home
Alias: Alias
Nickname/s: Nickname/s
Occupation: Profession/Student
Physical Description
Gender: Male/Female
Hair color: Hair color/s
Eye color: Eye color
Significant Others: Significant Other/s
Children: Children
Parents: Parents
Siblings: Siblings
Relatives: Other relatives
Character Information
Also portrayed by: Other portrayers, in childhood, flashbacks, etc.
Appears in: If character only appears in one episode
First appearance: First episode of appearance
Latest appearance: Latest episode of appearance
"Current" if the character is a regular
Appearance Count: #No of episodes appeared in
A quote relevant to the character.
— Character's name, Episode spoken

Full name of character then give a brief, introductory description here.

Extend a bit if necessary. Also, it is advisable that you view this page in Source mode.

Note that everything else written below must be summarized and not be so detailed. Details shall be included in the episode articles.

Please do italicize episode titles when written into articles, except when placed in infoboxes.




A short history of the character prior to the beginning of the series. Flashbacks shown will also be included here.

Early Life

Other Appropriate Headings

Season Number

Summary of the major events of the season that focuses on or heavily involves the character. Remember, details should be on the episode articles. Try to keep this section summarized.


A brief description of the character's psych.






Memorable Quotes


Season #

  • List
  • episodes
  • the
  • character
  • has
  • appeared


  • Trivial, small and minor facts that may not belong above.
  • Facts stated outside the show by the creator, writers, actors, etc.




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