Sammy 2
Episode of Death: Grief
Cause of Death: Old Age
Residence: The Hamptons
Alias: Sam
Relatives: Emily Thorne (first owner)
Jack Porter (last owner)
David Clarke (first owner)
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Grief

Sammy was the labrador retriever given to Emily as a puppy for her 9th birthday in 1993.


Sammy was just a puppy when Amanda Clarke received him for her birthday. One day she was on the beach playing with him, a young Jack Porter showed up and they became friends - if it weren't for Sammy, Jack and Amanda might never have met. Sammy was present for Amanda and Jacks "wedding" when they were kids as the best man, then after David was framed for the downing of flight 197 and Amanda was forced to leave, Jack promised to take Sammy and look after him.

When Amanda returned to the Hamptons in 2011 as Emily Thorne, Sammy recognized her immediately and greeted her with great enthusiasm. Throughtout Season 1 we see Sammy always making his way to Emily's beach house, shortly before he died of old age, Sammy made his way to Emily's house for his last moments. After his death, Jack and Emily buried him on the beach next to her house.

When Sammy met Emily as Amanda he did not know who she was, he even started barking at her. Jack thinking she is Amanda, Jack thinks and says "he must of forgotten who you are".