Robert Barnes
Portrayed by Geoff Pierson
Robert Barnes
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Judge
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Significant Others: Patricia Barnes (wife)
Character Information
Appears in: "Power"
Appearance Count: 1

Robert Barnes was the judge who presided over the trial of David Clarke and helped frame him.



Like many other people involved in the case, Barnes was acting on behalf of the Graysons, dismissing the only juror who thought Clarke was innocent in order to secure a conviction. Three days after the jury member was removed, James Palmer, the court clerk in the trial and an old friend of Barnes' wife, died in a suspicious subway accident. Barnes is suspected of having at least been involved in Palmer's death.

After Clarke was found guilty, Barnes sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole, openly telling him he would never leave his prison alive (though Clarke barely heard him - all of his attention was on his new-born daughter Charlotte, in Victoria's arms). Barnes maintained his connection to Conrad Grayson for years after.

Season 2Edit

In "Power", during a conversation with Conrad, Barnes inspires him to run for public office. At the time of his downfall, he was considered to be weeks away from a seat in the Supreme Court, until his wife, Patricia, who was the one who really wrote the letter to Clarke instead of her friend Palmer, publicly exposed his illegal actions and abusive nature. This completely ruined Barnes's career, reputation and cost him his appointment to the Supreme Court. Afterwards, Conrad publicly cut ties with him.

Later, during a press conference and Q&A at the Stowaway during his campaign for the Governor's office, Conrad promised that he would have Clarke's case re-opened and pursue a presidential pardon for him, laying all blame for Clarke's conviction at Barnes' feet.

Season 4Edit

While never seen in Exposure, Amanda and David discover Barnes and other conspirators (Bill Harmon and Tom Kingsly) were planning to ruin Amanda as vengeance for her mission ruining their careers. Once Kingsly is intimidated by the Clarkes, it is likely he convinces Harmon and Barnes to drop their hypocritical agenda.

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