Season 3, Episode 20
3x20 15
Air date April 27, 2014
Written by Sunil Nayar & Michael J. Cinquemani
Directed by Christine Moore
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Revolution[1] is the 20th episode of Season 3 and is the 64th episode overall.


EMILY ZEROS IN ON PASCAL, LEADING TO A SHOCKING OUTCOME - As all the Graysons slowly gain the upper hand, Emily is forced to take on a new identity to expose them.


A revolution begins when the desires of many are addressed by the actions of one. It's a ripple of change that starts when the first stone is cast at those in power and only ends when one side lies defeated or if two sides become one.

Emily Thorne

Victoria continues to put the pieces together in regards to Emily and wonders what Ms. Thorne’s next desperate attempt will be. “I won’t give her that chance,” promises Pascal, who then proposes to Victoria, “I should have asked you this a long time ago." Victoria happily agrees, and he slips a ring on her finger. Later, Conrad visits Victoria with his version of an engagement present: he tells her Pascal murdered Oscar Chapman prior to proposing. Meanwhile, when Aiden informs Emily and Nolan Conrad has given him 24 hours to take care of Pascal or he’s going to reveal him, Emily says, “Then lets take control of the situation.” By this, she means kidnapping Pascal and pretending to be Agent Rebecca Stone from Homeland Security. “This is where you tell me everything,” Emily explains. She claims to have been building a case against the Graysons for the last three years. “And you have the information I need to close my case.” Pascal keeps calm, so Emily confiscates his phone. Nolan works his magic to access the contents of the phone and the trio quickly realizes there is nothing on it implicating Pascal or the Graysons in Flight 197. Pascal was bluffing, but Emily notes Conrad doesn’t know that. She goes back to questioning Pascal, who is far from cooperative until Emily mentions Margaux. Pascal agrees to wear a wire to the MyClone launch in order to trap Conrad, but he isn’t going to do anything to hurt Victoria.

When Pascal returns to Grayson Manor after being detained by 'Agent Rebecca Stone', he keeps quiet about his meeting; he tells Victoria to prepare to go to France. He’s through with America and wants to go home -- immediately. Sensing something isn’t right, Victoria goes through Pascal’s jacket while he’s showering. She finds a business card in the pocket, and when she calls it, reaches a voicemail for “Homeland Security.” Victoria tells Daniel about this and admits she fears Pascal has something up his sleeve. “I put such faith in him,” she states. “I can’t believe he would talk to the authorities without telling me.” Daniel assures his mom Pascal wouldn’t betray her, then goes straight to Conrad to warn him that Pascal has been talking to the feds.

Charlotte receives a letter appearing to be from David Clarke; she takes it to Victoria who dismisses the letter as a prank and tells her daughter not to let her imagination run wild. Charlotte isn’t convinced. In fact, she goes to Jack and asks him to help her investigate it further. Jack gets Nolan to help find where the mysterious letter came from, but he doesn’t tell his friend whom the sender may be. Later, Charlotte and Jack go to the cabin location where Jack convinces Charlotte this really is a sick joke. As they’re leaving, Jack notices a ring with the initials “D.C.” on it; he wordlessly pockets the ring and leaves without realizing he and Charlotte were being watched.

On Daniel’s urging, Margaux convinces her father to put it in writing that she will be taking over LeMarchal Media. He also makes the announcement public at the MyClone launch. Speaking of MyClone, thanks to a little revenge of his own, Nolan makes sure the launch goes terribly wrong and Javier is fired.

Elsewhere at the launch, Emily watches as Pascal and Conrad leave together. It’s finally time to bring down Conrad Grayson, but Pascal is headed in the wrong direction; something isn't right. “Do you think he’s going to sell us out?” Nolan asks. “I’m not going to let him,” Emily replies and takes off to follow them, Victoria is hot on their trail. Conrad leads Pascal to the roof where his helicopter is waiting. If Pascal wants to talk to him, he’ll have to join him on the flight. Pascal tries to get Conrad to admit his past sins, but instead, Conrad pushes Pascal into the blades of the chopper, which leads to a gory, bloody death. Emily witnesses it all and manages to miss Victoria only by a few seconds. Victoria is horrified when she reaches the roof and sees the gruesome scene. She blames Conrad for her new fiancé’s death, but he claims it was an accident, and his pilot corroborates the story.

In lieu of Pascal’s death, Margaux is distraught. She’s also the new CEO of LeMarchal Media. Victoria remains in a state of shock. When Daniel goes to check on her, she asks him if he told Conrad about the feds. Daniel denies it but can’t help wondering where the feds are now if the they were really onto Pascal. After he leaves, Victoria calls the number on the card again; it’s been disconnected.

Out on the beach, Charlotte goes for a nighttime stroll, unaware she's not alone. A masked figure attacks her and drags her away.

To succeed, a revolution requires absolute dedication against overwhelming odds. At a moment's notice, the tide can turn and every casualty stokes the fire to win at any cost, because the only guarantee in a revolution is that the innocent are the first to fall.

Emily Thorne


Main Cast

Guest Cast

Co-Starring Cast

  • Linc Hand as Kurt Renner
  • Bree Condon as Kristiana Rubins
  • Anthony Palermo as Detective
  • Kai Braden as Sexy Nerd
  • Steven Strait as Brooks


Pascal LeMarchal: Will you marry me?

Pascal LeMarchal: What do you want?
Emily: The Graysons.

Pascal LeMarchal: Miss Thorne.
Emily: No -- Agent Rebecca Stone: Homeland Security. This is where you tell me everything.

Conrad: Pascal, watch out!

Aiden Mathis: Ross, if you're quite finished playing "Who's Got the Bigger Hard Drive?", I have an update for you both.




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  • This episode will mark the end of Pascal LeMarchal's five episode arc.
  • Emily uses the name Rebecca in the episode. In Brothers & Sisters Emily VanCamp played Rebecca Harper. Rebecca is also Emily Thorne's middle name.
  • Conrad reaches a new low in this episode when he kills Pascal himself.
  • This episode was watched by 5.19 million viewers.